Allah is the Best of All Planners

Allah is the Best of All Planners

Allya, the founder of Mini Muslim Playground had a dream of doing something really enjoyable and worthwhile. But before we get into that, here’s a bit of background on Allya.

From the age of eight Allya had always wanted to be her own boss. She started her entrepreneurship by buying and selling items in local boot sales, from electronics to novelty gifts. She always had an eye for a good deal. Her family were immensely proud of her sharp business mind and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. After working in a few jobs before and after university Allya never got the happiness or satisfaction from these roles and literally walked out on these jobs.

Fast forward a few years and she is now a successful business woman having set up multiple businesses ranging from technology to homewares she is always on the go and looking for a challenge, and above all she is happier than ever doing what she loves.

But something was missing…

Eighteen months ago, while working alongside her husband, Allya wanted to start a new business venture but she wanted the business to have more of a purpose and something that could benefit people. However as it is with life, both Allya and her husband got really busy with their work and this idea got shelved and never went further.

In 2016 Allya was blessed with a niece and nephew. Being someone who puts her heart into everything, she wanted to get gifts for the two new additions to the family which would mean something to both of them for many years to come. That’s when the idea came back and she knew exactly what needed to be done. But as usual things got busy and the idea took another back seat…

Then in December 2016, Allya and her husband were having breakfast at her Auntie’s home and she decided that it’s time to bring her idea to life, after almost two years of distractions now was the time to get things moving. And Allah is the best of all planners, and with her determination and drive and her husband’s support the Mini Muslim Playground was created. Within a few days the branding and logo was prepared, stock was ordered and the website started coming together.

The whole concept of the Mini Muslim Playground is a simple one. To help parents teach their kids about Islam in a fun and engaging way. The products stocked by the Mini Muslim Playground have been carefully selected to really get the parent and child engaged about Islam and create a passion for learning more. From books that teach your kids to recite the Quran with Tajweed, to telling them the tales of our holy prophets (Peace be Upon Them) to helping them have fun with board games, puzzles and dolls that also teach them while being fun. At the Mini Muslim Playground we have everything you need to help your child have fun and learn about Islam. So come on down to the playground and get inspired.

Official Launch Date of the website Insha Allah will be 20th December 2016. All our Products can be viewed at this link:


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