It's finally here Alhamdulilah

It's finally here Alhamdulilah

It all started with an idea…

Ever since I started the Mini Muslim Playground I wanted it to be a place where I can help Mini Muslims learn about Islam and have fun at the same time. I also wanted it to be a platform where I can be as creative as possible whilst having fun.

To this end I spent hours perhaps days looking at what I can do that will not only be unique to the Playground but also be an outlet for my creativity. Then one day in January two of my favourite men in my life (My husband and my baby nephew Eesa) between them gave me the idea. It was my Eureka moment.

Behind every successful woman’s idea is a husband and a baby…

My husband nick named our nephew “Doodhu Man” as he loves his milk (Duoodhu means milk in Urdu) and every time he called my nephew Doodhu Man, my nephew would burst out laughing and have a big cheesy grin on his face. That was the seed of the idea that has taken almost three months of late nights and careful planning to become a reality.

The start of the long road…

Now that I had my idea, I got our design team (it’s useful having a husband who owns a digital marketing agency) to work on some designs and as usual they delivered something that I loved as did a lot of people when we did our market research. From there it was a long road to finding the right people to turn my idea into a reality. Then came the budgeting and finance part for all the costs involved which is not my favourite thing but it had to be done. There were times when it became a bit much and I fell asleep dreaming about work. Who knew launching your own range of baby clothes would be so hard.

Mum knows best…

My mum always told me love what you do and always work hard. Allah (SWT) always rewards honest hard work. There were times when I had doubts and wanted to put things on hold. But my husband is someone who has complete faith in me and my abilities and always told me ‘if anyone can make this happen it’s you’.  Having my family support me was a big source of strength and it was with their dua’s that all this has become a reality.

Keep on going…

As every day passed I became more and more excited about the baby clothing range. Despite being in business nearly all my working life this was an exhausting but exhilarating experience and by the grace of Allah (SWT) it has motivated me to deliver more great products and ideas to you. The Mini Muslim Playground Community. So keep an eye out for more products in the Mini Muslim Baby by Allya range.

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