Migo and Ali - everything you need to know

Migo and Ali - everything you need to know

Before you became a grown up and a parent to your Mini Muslim, do you remember going to Madrassah and learning about our religion? Do you remember feeling that although you know the words you don’t fully understand what they mean?

At the Mini Muslim Playground we are constantly searching for and designing products that will help your Mini Muslims not only have fun while learning about Islam but also to help them develop a natural appreciation and genuine love for our beautiful religion and understand the meaning of the Quran and Hadith etc.

Our Mini Muslims now have access to a huge amount of resources that we did not have when we were young. They can increase their knowledge within seconds, the internet and modern technology has allowed that to be possible, as well as many learning tools such as the products we have at the Mini Muslim Playground.

When learning about our religion we are often taught about the life of the prophet Muhammed (PBUH). We are taught his example, his way of life (Sunnah) and his devotion and love to Allah (SWT). We were taught how Adam (AS) and Hawaa or Eve (AS) were the first humans made by Allah (SWT) , how Nuh (Noah AS) built an ark and saved two of every animal from a great flood and even Ibrahim (AS) who built the Kaaba.

There were many prophets sent by Allah (SWT) to guide the people to the right path and although we may not know everything about all of them, it is important to teach our Mini Muslims about as many of them as we can so that they have a greater understanding of our religion and how it became the beautiful religion it is today.

To achieve this goal we are proud to be one of the leading stockists of the Migo and Ali Love for the Prophets book https://www.minimuslimplayground.com/collections/all-products/products/migo-and-ali-love-for-the-prophets-book

This book is written by Zanib Mian and is beautifully illustrated by Tugrul Karacan. This book talks about the lives of many of our prophets starting with Adam and Hawaa (AS) all the way to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Along the way you learn about many other prophets such as Ibrahim (AS), Nuh (AS), Saleh (AS), Yusuf (AS) and many more.

It is written in a way that helps your Mini Muslim feel engaged and with its colourful illustrations which will hold their attention just as much as the amazing stories of the prophets. This book is an absolute MUST in every Muslim home.

Along with Migo and Ali, Zanib Mian has also written 30 Hadith for Kids https://www.minimuslimplayground.com/collections/quran-books/products/30-hadith-for-kids-book  which explains the wisdom of the Hadith and allows our Mini Muslims to understand the importance of the Hadith. Just like Migo and Ali, 30 Hadith for Kids is lovingly illustrated and written in a fun and humorous way that will keep your Mini Muslims laughing and learning at the same time.

So get going with the fun and learning with these two amazing books and if you have any questions just drop us an email.

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