Our Homeschooling Super Mum Sarah Javed is now part of the Mini Muslim Playground

Our Homeschooling Super Mum Sarah Javed is now part of the Mini Muslim Playground

Home schooling has seen a popular rise in recent years. Many Muslimah’s are taking on this responsibility and are now teaching their kids at home. There are many reasons for this, one of them could be that kids need a good understanding and a natural love for Islam from an early age, which you don’t find in mainstream education and often after school Madrasah classes although important, often leave a gap in our children’s learning.

Our religion has a solution for everything and once it is truly understood and loved you can do and achieve anything by the grace of Allah (SWT) and having this instilled from an early age is a crucial aspect in our children’s development. There is one Muslimah that clearly stands out in this endeavour and she has truly inspired us here at the Mini Muslim Playground when Allya got in touch with her we just had to have her come on board with us as our Brand Ambassador.

From a young age she has been a high achiever by the grace of Allah (SWT) through her hard work. She grabbed every opportunity that came her way and as a result she has won skiing awards in France and Canada, and to this day at her sixth form in West Sussex there is a an award given out to students who display the same hard work ethic as she did. A truly inspirational achievement for this Muslimah, Alhamdulilah…

 This remarkable Muslimah’s name is Sarah Javed, and we are over the moon to have her on board at the Mini Muslim Playground.

A bit about Sarah…

After graduating with BA in Sociology from the prestigious Royal Holloway University in 2004, Sarah worked for a Commercial law firm based in Sussex and for the London School of Economics. Sarah has also completed Tafsir Al Quran and Tajweed Al Quran at Tayyibun Institute in London and has also worked as a volunteer charity worker.

Sarah is now a full time Home Schooling mum of three children and has recently published I’m So Angry’ a fantastic book and a must if you are parent. She is also a keen and fantastic home school blogger and has a growing YouTube channel and social media presence on Instagram. Check out her videos on her channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBTLXQDD2jalzGt8xwEXAPw .

When our founder Allya contacted Sarah, she was bowled over by Sarah’s enthusiasm and her back ground and found many things in common. Allya spent a good part of an evening watching Sarah’s you tube channel and found her to be genuine and her dedication to her children through home-schooling is something Allya found inspirational.

 In today’s day and age where managing your time can be hectic , Sarah has found a way to truly devote all her time and resources in giving her kids the best of everything through a structured and wholesome home-schooling programme. Even her Sunday nights are devoted to planning the following week and marking the kids work. Alhamdulillah may Allah reward her for all her hard work

At the Mini Muslim Playground we are all really excited to have Sarah Javed on board as our Brand Ambassador and are really keen to make a huge difference with kids learning about Islam by working with her and gaining her unique insights.

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