Ramadan is coming

Ramadan is coming

With 37 days to go before Ramadan you will probably be busy making spring rolls and samosas and freezing them for Iftar time, giving your house a thorough spring clean and organising your time so that you can spend it in worship as much as possible.

During the build up to Ramadan and especially during the month of Ramadan itself your Mini Muslims will grow ever more curious about this Holy month and will probably follow you around the house and ask you a million questions.

What better time than Ramadan to teach your Mini Muslims about this Holy month and about Islam itself and how they can start building a solid foundation for themselves to take advantage of the numerous bounties that Allah (SWT) bestows upon us this month.

It is said that sharing knowledge is a good deed and during the month of Ramadan any good deed you do will be multiplied by 70 ( Al – Tirmidhi) . So at the Mini Muslim Playground we have selected a few items that can help you teach your Mini Muslims about Islam and also teach them to live their lives according to Sunnah practices and help you and your Mini Muslim get the most out of this Ramadan.


At the Mini Muslim Playground we have a huge and ever growing collection of books. From Islamic stories such as Migo and Ali to books on how to make your Wudu and more. During the month of Ramadan we highly recommend the Ramadan and Eid Gift Box. This delightful set has 6 amazing books that not only teach your kids about Ramadan but also teaches them about the purpose of Eid celebrations and it’s suitable for both younger and older readers. We do our best to make sure that we are always bringing you and your Mini Muslims new products and that’s why we have put together two new additions to our collection.

It’s Ramadan with Curious George and My First Ramadan. Want to give your Mini Muslims a well-rounded view of Ramadan and other important aspects such as Salah? Then take a look at The Set of Three Islamic Childrens Book Set. This adorable set of books highlights the importance of Salah, the significance of Ramadan and the etiquettes of eating.

Our selection of books are very popular with young readers and help teach our Mini Muslims about Ramadan and its significance in a light hearted and fun manner. These books and others in our collection make perfect gifts and are a fun and educational read for all.

Work Books and Activity Books

Learning about Ramadan is easier and more fun than you think. Get your Mini Muslim really involved by getting them to work on one of our activity books. By getting involved with activities that centre around Ramadan and Eid your Mini Muslim will be more engaged and their curiosity about Islam will grow even more. Our activity books are designed to get your Mini Muslims thinking and doing whilst having fun. From cross words to word searches and various puzzles to colouring in, our activity books will keep your Mini Muslim learning and having fun for ages. Take a look at My Ramadan Fun Book and My Ramadan Activity Book.

Craft Set

At the Mini Muslim Playground we want Mini Muslims to be more hands on when it comes to learning about Islam. To help with that we have come up with a few unique products that will get them learning and having fun at the same time. The make it yourself Kaaba Box is the perfect way to get them learning about the most important structure in Islam. Once made they can fill it with sweets and give it to their family and friends as little gift boxes. The Kaaba box can also double up as a Sadaqah box which will help encourage your Mini Muslim to save a few pennies and once they fill up the box they can then donate it to charity. Keep an eye out for range of craft sets.


Kids Eid Tshirts

We are proud to introduce our very own limited edition clothing range just for Eid. If you have a new Mini Muslim in the family this Eid then how about dressing them up in this My First Eid T-shirt. This T-shirt will look even more adorable on your new Mini Muslim and as they grow older it will be a nice little keepsake and become something to remember their first Eid by.

For the slightly older Mini Muslims who like to make a few quid during Eid we have the It’s not Cheeky to Ask for Eidi T-shirt range. We are positive that these adorable little T-shirts will make your hearts melt and you may even give double Eidi when you see the cheeky Mini Muslims with this on.

For the Mini Muslim Playground this is our first Ramadan and we want to ensure that during this holy month you have everything you need to keep your Mini Muslims engaged and learning about Islam. We would like to wish you all Ramadan Mubarak and may Allah (SWT) accept all our Ibadah and make our Mini Muslims pious and instil in their little hearts a love for Islam that grows with them throughout their life. Ameen.

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