The moment is here... Introducing our Ambassadors for the Mini Muslim Playground

The moment is here... Introducing our Ambassadors for the Mini Muslim Playground

At the Mini Muslim Playground we are constantly in search of inspirational people that share our vision in helping Mini Muslims not only learn about Islam and have fun but also really love Islam from an early age. It’s something very close to our hearts to create and nurture continued love for Islam in Mini Muslims and even big Muslims. So in our quest to find someone who shares our goals and vision our founder Allya went on little mission. Allya managed to find someone truly inspirational and someone who is doing a tremendous job in raising awareness about Islam, parenting and other important issues.

She has two beautiful daughters Munchkin and Bee, she also loves animals, is addicted to blogging and hopes to own a horse one day In Sha Allah. In between looking after her two beautiful daughters (Bee is karate expert so watch out) and her cat Rosie she loves to read and go on adventures with her family… So without further delay, the Mini Muslim Playground are proud to have Muslim Mummy, Fozia Shah as our Brand Ambassador.

A bit about Fozia…

Like all us grownups at the playground Fozia is a child of the 1980’s. Fozia wanted to be a teacher but decided to go down the legal route and studied hard. She completed her Legal Practice Course and started work for the Citizens Advice Bureau. Fozia worked at the Citizens Advice for nine years and it was during her work at the Citizens Advice Bureau that she caught the blogging bug. However writing about her work at the Citizens Advice Bureau proved to be a bit tricky, what with confidentiality and regulations etc. But this didn’t stop Fozia from giving up on blogging. So back in 2010 Fozia started a blog around parenting and by the grace of Allah SWT she’s still at it.

Fozia learned more about Islam whilst at university by joining Islamic groups and having Muslim friends, and since becoming a mum to Bee and Munchkin, Fozia is keen and passionate about nurturing a love for Islam in children from a young age, and to make this happen she is always on the lookout for Islamic resources that will help her with this noble task. Good thing the Mini Muslim Playground is around to help out!

Fozia has also started a Muslimah bloggers community which is becoming more popular Alhamdulilah check out this project on this website and join Fozia as she rambles on about random things.

Fozia’s determination to create a love for Islam in her kids is something the Mini Muslim Playground hopes to do for every child that it can reach and having a determined Muslim Mum like Fozia on board with us can only mean that we fulfil this ambition In sha Allah and it truly means a lot that Fozia has chosen to work with us.

Our founder Allya and Fozia share a lot in common, not just the decade that they were born in or the Pakistani connection or their passion for getting kids motivated about Islam but also their love for animals, such as cats. You may often find Patchy the cat inspecting our head office. Keep an eye out for her on our social media. This love for animals and all the above are a recipe for success between these two dynamic Muslimahs.

We warmly welcome Fozia into the Mini Muslim Playground family and really look forward to working with her. May Allah (SWT) grant her and her family success in their endeavours.

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