My Eid Mubarak Story Book by Omer Naqi

My Eid Mubarak Story Book by Omer Naqi 0

Eid is probably the most anticipated and most exciting year for Muslim’s all over the world. But it’s our little Mini Muslims that really know how to celebrate it in style. They are all excited to get their ‘Eidi’ and it’s also a time where they can meet up with all their family and friends and have fun all day long. If they are lucky they can even get a cheeky day off school and really go all out for this auspicious day.

Eid is a time for family and friends and it’s a time of year for Muslim’s all over the world to come together and be thankful to Allah (SWT) for blessing us with another day of Eid in our lives.

My Eid Mubarak Story Book by Omer Naqi captures the essence of Eid that our Mini Muslims feel and experience, and after reading it to them you will also feel nostalgic for the simpler times of your past when you yourself were Mini Muslims.

It is well illustrated and simple for Mini Muslims to understand and the language used is very age appropriate.

This beautiful book really describes Eid day in an amazing way of a few central characters that are based around the author’s own family and his own ideals of togetherness, family values and positive living.

This book teaches our Mini Muslims the value of togetherness regardless of the other person’s religion or beliefs, it teaches them charity and also instils in them the values of sharing and caring for each other and appreciating what they have and how lucky they are.

Overall this book is well written, beautifully illustrated and carries within it some really important messages that we should all learn and teach our Mini Muslims.

So with Eid around in one months’ time (as of this review being published) let’s get our Mini Muslims excited about Eid and teach them what Eid is really about. This book is a definite must have and it’s something we highly recommend here at the playground. Congratulations to Omer Naqi for his work and enthusiasm on this. May Allah (SWT) reward him for his work.

We would like to wish Omer and his family, and all our friends of the Playground and lovely customers a heartfelt Ramadan Mubarak. May Allah (SWT) accept our prayers and ibadah and make this Ramadan a blessed one for all of us and for all the Muslim’s throughout the world. Ameen.

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Ramadan is coming

Ramadan is coming 0

With 37 days to go before Ramadan you will probably be busy making spring rolls and samosas and freezing them for Iftar time, giving your house a thorough spring clean and organising your time so that you can spend it in worship as much as possible.

During the build up to Ramadan and especially during the month of Ramadan itself your Mini Muslims will grow ever more curious about this Holy month and will probably follow you around the house and ask you a million questions.

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Good Morning Iqra - my experience

Good Morning Iqra - my experience 0

So much for being in the back ground…

I’ve always been a quiet and shy person. Never wanting to be a show off or brag about my work or achievements I always preferred to be in the background and enjoy the comfort of anonymity and just get on with my work. However the warm fuzzy feeling of being in the background was taken away from me when my husband decided that I needed to come out of my shell and do something that I would never ever think of doing. May Allah bless him and keep his crazy ideas and persistence coming.

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It's finally here Alhamdulilah

It's finally here Alhamdulilah 0

It all started with an idea…

Ever since I started the Mini Muslim Playground I wanted it to be a place where I can help Mini Muslims learn about Islam and have fun at the same time. I also wanted it to be a platform where I can be as creative as possible whilst having fun.

To this end I spent hours perhaps days looking at what I can do that will not only be unique to the PlayGround but also be an outlet for my creativity. Then one day in January the two most favourite men in my life (My husband and my baby nephew Eesa) between them gave me the idea. It was my Eureka moment.

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