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Salah is one of the five pillars of Islam and is a believer’s way of being close to Allah (SWT), and Wudhu is part of staying pure and clean.

Get your Mini Muslim off to a good start in life with the Salah Pack for Boys. In the Salah pack you will find a beautiful prayer mat and a Wudu book so your Mini Muslim can learn the steps of Wudhu while learning the name of the body parts and the interactive Salah pad with a female voice which shows how to perform Adahn, Iqaama and also teaches the different positions during Salah such as Ruku and Sujood when you press the buttons and much more. A fantastic gift for your Mini Muslim.


  • Salah Pad Comes with 3 x AAA batteries for demonstration purposes included
  • Girl iPray pad has male voice recitations
  • Comes with its own very detailedBeginners Guide to Salah to supplement the iPray pad
  • All teachings in the iPray pad and in the guide book are according to the Hanafi School.

Please note that iPray Salah pads only recorded in English and Arabic only.  All iPray pads meet all the required British and European, Health and Safety requirements CE, EN71, and Rohs certified. (Age: 3+ Years).